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About Our School

Ever since Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya was established, our primary challenge is to prepare our students for academic excellence with a strong character and discipline. As the rolling years demand, we are equipping our students to take up the ever changing world’s challenges with greater responsibility to lead the rest. With the resumption of office, President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom met with some high ranking private entrepreneurs at Iskandhar School. It was herein decided that children from Machchangolhi Ward, unable to attend school due to various reasons should be given the opportunity to do so. As a result when a request was made to the president for the acquisition of a plot of land, an area of 8000sq feet was allocated after the foundation was laid down by His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom on 4th June 1979 and upon completion, the President once again availed himself on 21st February 1982 to declare open Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya.

There were just eight classrooms, an administrative office, the office of the Machchangolhi Ward Committee, a water tank and three toilets. The school building was constructed with the financial support of Mr. D. Ahmed Didi (Ma. Camelia) Apart from the children of Machchangolhi, a few seats were reserved for children from the other three wards. However, with the demand from the public, the school opened it’s door to each and everyone. As a result, hundreds of children from all over the country applied for entrance. The National Statistics reveal that Ahmadhiyya’s student population is the largest in the nation. At the advent of the school there were 200 students.

For the first two years (1982-1983) Mr. D. Ahmed Didi and his wife Mrs. Saeeda Ibrahim provided everything needed for the 200 students studying in Ahmadhiyya. This included the expenditure for Books, Uniform and Stationery. After those 2 years they were exempted from paying the school fee until the studies were over.

As more and more children appealed for enrolment, the Government was once again informed of the need for more land. And as such, a plot of 4000sq feet was granted. Eventually, Ahmadhiyya stands now on a plot of land of approximately 12000sq feet. In order to expand the existing building, a three storey building comprising of 15 classes was constructed. This was the western wing and another three storey building was completed on the southern wing. Ahmadhiyya school now consists of 34 well ventilated class rooms with good infrastructure, three science labs, a library, a hall which can capacitate 300 audience, executive meeting room fully furnished that can accommodate 45 people, two AV rooms with latest technology, a fully equipped latest technology ICT lab, besides a cafeteria and two prayer rooms for boys and girls.

The upgrading of the school building is largely due to the efforts of a lot of people. Apart from the Machchangolhi Ward Committee, Mr. Saran’gu Mohamed Kaleyfaanu assistance has been exceptional