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About Our School


With its humble beginning in the year 1982, in a plot of just 8000sq feet and initial student strength of mere 200, over the past couple of decades, Ahmadhiyya International School has maneuvered its way up, to be the most sought-after centre of excellence in the whole of Maldives.  Rome was not built in a day and Ahmadhiyya was not built in a day either. The achievements of the school are a fruition of the school management’s years of perseverance and abiding faith in the principles of ‘wholesome’ education that enables the learners to be all-round citizens.

When President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom met with some high ranking private entrepreneurs at Iskandhar School and decided to set up a school to meet the educational needs of children in Machchangolhi Ward, they may not have imagined that their decision was going to, forever, transform the educational map of not just Machchangolhi Ward, but the entire country itself. The foundation stone for the school was laid down by his Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom on June 4, 1979, in an allotted land of 8000sq feet. Upon its completion, the President once again availed himself on 21st February 1982 to officially declare open, Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya.

The stifling lack of resources at the initial stage, however, did not hamper academic activities in the school. When the school started functioning, there were just eight classrooms, an administrative office, the office of Machchangolhi Ward Committee, a water tank and three toilets. The school is forever indebted to Mr. D. Ahmed Didi for his financial assistance to construct the school building. Apart from students from Machchangolhi Ward, a few seats were reserved for students from other wards as well. With growing public demand, the school opened its door to each and every one and Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya soon became an unparalleled destination for aspiring students from all over the country. The school that started with just 200 students was soon en route to become the country’s largest, in terms of student population.

For the first two years (1982-1983), Mr. D. Ahmed Didi and his wife Mrs. Saeeda Ibrahim provided everything including books, uniform and stationery needed for the 200 students studying in Ahmadhiyya. After those two years, they were exempted from paying the school fee until the studies were over.



As soon as the school was in its full swing, more and more students started pouring in and the government was informed of the grave need for more land. Upon the request, an additional plot of 4000sq feet was granted, allowing Ahmadhiyya to stand on a plot of land of approximately 12000sq feet. In order to expand the current facilities, a three-story building comprising of 15 classes was erected on the west side. This was the western block and a similar three-story building was constructed on the east side as well. With these new additions, the school premises could house state-of-the-art facilities that included 34 well ventilated classrooms with supreme infrastructure, three science labs, a library, a hall which can capacitate 300 people, a fully furnished meeting room that can accommodate 45 people, two AV rooms with latest technology, a fully equipped ICT lab, besides a cafeteria and two prayer rooms, one each for boys and girls.


The year 2015 came as a major milestone in the history of the school as in this year the school was renamed as Ahmadhiyya International School. Under the new name, the school’s undeterred march towards progress and excellence assumed new breakthroughs in infrastructural and academic developments. Breaking open new vistas of international career prospects for students, the school commenced courses in three major foreign languages, namely Arabic, French and Mandarin. Meant for secondary students, once successfully completed, these courses are expected to give the learners an extraordinarily advantageous footing in the global job market. Besides, in the same year, the school also incorporated Grade One to its academic programme.

Under the new name, the school has witnessed significant development in infrastructural facilities as well. The newly added Air-conditioned Hall, Air-conditioned Multimedia Classrooms/Labs, Play Area and Public Announcement System have greatly improved the infrastructure of the school.

Throughout the years, uncompromising pursuit of excellence and perseverance have allowed the school to maintain high achievement rate. The increasing number of students who make headlines by making it to the National Top-Ten and World Top-Ten stands testimonial for the school’s unmatched academic performance.   

Thanks to the efforts of many, especially Machchangolhi Ward Committee Members, former Avashu Veriya (Ward Chieftain) and current President of Maldives, His Excellency Mr. Abdulla Yameen and Mr. Saran’gu Mohammed Kaleyfaanu, the school has now acquired supreme infrastructural facilities, every paraphernalia and peripherals vital for excellence. The school owes a great deal and is forever grateful to the services rendered by His Excellency, Mr. Abdulla Yameen, the current President of Maldives who was earlier the Avashu Veriya (Ward Chieftain) from 2000. His plans, vision and services for the school have proven to be catalytic in the school’s march towards eminence.

With the unwavering leadership under the current principal Mr. Mohammed Rasheed, the school is all set to sail beyond, seeking new frontiers of excellence.    

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