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Principal's Message

Welcome to Ahmadhiyya International School!

Located in the heart of Male, Ahmadhiyya International School is a prodigious institute that has set the quest for excellence as its highest priority. Ever since its inception in 1982, state-of-the-art facilities at the school have been catering to the educational needs of the children between 3 and 18 along with simultaneously building up their character and moral fabric through preplanned and disciplined curricular and extra-curricular activities. By empowering students to maximize their learning opportunities and enabling them to develop to their full potential through a wide range of educational practices, AIS equips the students with skills, understanding, and attitudes indispensable for personal and national well-being.

The institution offers a stimulating academic atmosphere where students can excel in International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and O’ levels from Cambridge University and Secondary School Certificate examination (SSC) locally held in Islamic studies and Dhivehi.

The year 2009 marked a landmark development in the history of the school as the year witnessed the incorporation of A’ levels coordinated by Edexcel. Besides, the school also prepares A’ levels students to excel in Higher Secondary School Certificate examination (HSE) locally held in Dhivehi and Islamic Studies. Ever since its incorporation, the school has been successful in replicating its hitherto outstanding academic performance, in A’ levels as well.

Furthermore, AIS has the rare virtue of being a recognised examination centre for the above.  By maintaining high achievement rate in both levels that follow internationally recognized syllabuses, Cambridge O’ levels, Edexcel A’ levels and locally recognized syllabuses for Dhivehi and Islamic Studies, AIS has carved out for itself a valuable and undisputable position in the educational map of the country. 

The exemplary leadership, coupled with the best of resources and ebullient teachers drawn from different parts of the world, strive towards offering students a peerless academic environment contusive to their overall development, body, mind and spirit. The school has made it a high priority to enable the learners to confidently race against the challenges in academics and beyond. For this purpose, AIS employs dynamic and personalized curricular strategies that best serve to ensure bringing out the best in every child and promote critical and higher order thinking along with equipping them to face everyday challenges.

Ahmadhiyya International School is a school and much more. AIS provides a unique range of experiences that transcend the basic academic fundamentals. This is where the management, teachers and parents join hands to provide the students a plethora of experiences that foster passion and enthusiasm for learning while guaranteeing a child’s comprehensive development, academic, creative, social, moral and religious.

I look forward to welcoming you into our pride and glory, the Ahmadhiyya International School. Big things happen when you join Ahmadhiyya.

Mohamed Rasheed, Principal

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