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In order to provide quality education to the children of Machchangoalhi ward, our former Honorable President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, who showed his immense interest in developing the educational field of Maldivians had accepted a request for the acquisition of a plot of land, an area of 8000sq feet was associated after reclamation.

The foundation was laid down by Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom on 4 June 1979 and upon completion, the President once again availed himself on 21 February 1982 to declare open Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya. There were eight classrooms, an administrative office, the office of the Machchangolhi Ward Committee, a water tank and three toilets. The school building was constructed with the financial support of Late Mr. D Ahmed Didi (Ma. Camelia) As more and more children appealed for enrollment, the Government was once again informed the need for more land. And as such, a plot of 4000sq feet was granted, Eventually, Ahmadhiyya stands now on a plot of land of approximately 12008 sq feet.

In the beginning, to expand the building, a three story building comprising of 15 classes were constructed, This was the western wing and another three storey building was completed on the southern wing. Ahmadhiyya now consists of 28 classrooms, a science laboratory, a library, a music room, a staff room, the administrative office of the school and the Machchangolhi Ward, the Principal’s office, five toilets, a store room, a water tank and a prayer roomThe upgrading of the school building is largely due to the efforts of a lot of people. Apart from the Machchangoalhi Ward Committee, Late Mr. Saran’gu Mohamed Kaleyfaanu’s assistance has been exceptional.

At the moment the campus has grown to a size an area of 12008sq feet with all the facilities including 34 well ventilated class rooms with good infrastructure , two science labs, a library, a hall which can capacitate 300 audience, and an AV room, besides, sufficient toiletry facilities. Our school building was upgraded to a five storied and a six storied with the kind assistance and funds of the government.

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