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Students would be expected to show documentation indicating successful completion of the most recent level to apply for the next progressive grade. This will be determined at the initial stage via a review of the applicant’s most recent 3 years' final report card/academic results on submission of the application documents.

As a general rule, AIS will consider an applicant’s age at point of commencement when considering an applicant’s eligibility for the grade applied. In the event of exceptions, the application would be reviewed by the Principal’s Office on a case-by-case basis. Where necessary, an interview may be conducted if required to confirm the grade placement.


Stepwise Admission Process

  1. Student shall show report card showing the marks obtained in the last term test the student appeared.
  2. National ID Card and a photocopy of it.
  3. Age group verification is done according to the above mentioned age criteria
  4. Birth Certificate and a photocopy of it.
  5. All the above documents shall be verified.
  6. The marks obtained are verified to see if it fits the school’s admission criteria. If necessary an Eligibility Test is given to the student.
  7. On satisfaction, the student is given the Admission Form.
  8. Submit the admission form after carefully filling it along with a photocopy of previous school’s report card, National ID card, Birth Certificate, and a copy of Leaving Certificate obtained from the previous school.
  9. The school office shall give the student an Index number, and the class in which the student could join.
  10. The student is then given a slip showing details of the Admission Fee + First month Fee to be paid.
  11. Fee has to be paid at the fee counter in the Budget Section.
  12. After payment, the student is given a Receipt.
  13. Students shall show this receipt in the office.
  14. The student shall then be given uniform details and stationery voucher.

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