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The Founder Pillars

The list of formidable principals, super managers who translated their dreams into reality through their quality philosophy which has been critically important to the growth and development of the institution were:

  • Mr. Abdul Rasheed Ali, the first and the third Principal from 21 February 1982 to 15 August 1982 and from 23 December 1986 to 09 July 1989.
  • Mr. Copee Mohmmad Rasheed, the second principal from 16 August 1982 to 22 December 1986.
  • Mr. Abdul Sameeu Hassan the fourth principal from 10 July to 1989 to 18 May 2000. He has served the school for 11 years and during his tenure the school has developed as a whole system where for the first time Grade 10 Students were sent to General Certificate of O’ level examination. Full time teachers were appointed during his period. Due to his remarkable efforts Ahmadhiyya achieved the title of being the most Progressive School.
  • Mr. Ahmed Saeed (Gahaa), the fifth principal from 18 May 2000 to 29 Aug 2004. During his period, Ahmadhiyya for the first time has achieved the Best School in Cambridge O’ level Examination. Since then the prominent eminence of Ahmadhiyya has been continuing.
  • Mr. Hassan Nashid who was the Acting Principal from 9 August 2004 to 27 Oct 2006 gave his commendable services to keep up the spirit and fame of Ahmadhiyya.
  • Since 28 Oct 2006 till date, Mr. Mohamed Rasheed is rendering his most valuable services as the Acting Principal, now as the Principal to the esteem institution who has left no stone unturned to keep up the outstanding image of the school both in academics as well as in discipline He covered a long journey before he took the charge of the school as the principal. Joined the institute as a teacher then became an assistant supervisor later he was made Acting supervisor eventually a supervisor. As a mark of recognition to his dedication, devotion and commitment towards his work he was promoted as Assistant Principal, next as a Senior Principal, then as a Deputy Principal later as an Acting Principal and now the Principal.

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