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Teaching of Arabic & Chinese Language

01 Feb 2015

AIS has started to teach Chinese and Arabic as new language options for students. This has been one of the goals of the management when the school was in the procerss of rebranding. This option is available for O Level students. ...

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School Rebranding Ceremony

14 Jan 2015

With the approvals of the Ministry of Education to convert the school into an international school, the management has putt a lot of effort to adapt into international standards by renovating and bringing required changes to school management and adm...

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Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya Rebranded

19 Nov 2014

Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya is now officially renamed as Ahmadhiyya International School.  Principal had given an interview to various media on this. Uniform has not been changed except that from the beginning of the academic year 2015, students ...

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